You can easily stretch your ears, which allows you to make amazing ear jewellery. The practice of stretching the piercings was a common one in many civilisations over time. To aid in stretching, people used stone, wood, or other sharp-shaped materials in the early stages. The process is not always as straightforward as it seems. To prevent earlobe infection, there are many things to remember when stretching your ears. You should first clean your earlobe with an antibacterial soap. Remember that cleaning your earlobe is important at every step of ear stretching. Are you looking about ear gauge? Check out the earlier outlined site.

You will also need a lubricant. Jojoba oil is a good choice because it has great skin condition properties. You can now gauge your earlobes using either the taper or teflon methods. Tapering involves inserting a tapered rod into the piercing. There are many types of tapers on the market. You can choose one or more depending on the gauge size that you desire. Another option is to place non-adhesive, teflon adhesive tape around the pin on your earring and push it through you earlobe. Remember to stop right away if you experience any sort of pain or bleeding and allow your ear to heal properly before you start trying again. It can cause damage to your skin and make it more difficult to stretch the next time you do it again. Use a flesh tunnel to continue stretching your ears until the diameter is appropriate.

The after-care precautions that you must follow are pretty straightforward. You should not wear stretch jewellery until your ears have fully accepted the new-sized hole. It is crucial that your stretched skin is thicker than normal. It may take three times as long to repair your original piercing than it took to stretch the skin. It is important to not lose patience. High-quality accessories made of reliable materials are recommended to protect your skin. If you do the stretching process properly and follow all the steps carefully, you will find that stretching of piercings is so easy. Although waiting can be hard, if your ears aren’t ready to stretch, it will most likely cause damage. There are many ear-stretching tools available to make your experience more efficient. Ear jewellery that is reliable and attractive can be found on the market. Ear stretching continues to be a popular choice. There are so many options to choose from that will help you create a beautiful image. Ear jewellery can help you stand out among others. We offer a large selection of stretchers, plugs, and tunnels so you can choose the best one for you.

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